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US businesses face a sea change on climate risk management and disclosure

April 19th, 2021|Climate Risk, Greening Finance|

By Stacy Swann The Biden administration is reportedly preparing an executive order that will require federal agencies to measure, manage, and disclose climate risks — and which, by extension, likely signals new rules for financial institutions and for companies working in sectors from energy to agriculture. Meanwhile, the Federal [...]

New report: Protecting low-income communities through climate insurance

December 22nd, 2020|Climate Risk|

By Will Bugler (Acclimatise) & Andrew Eil (Climate Finance Advisors) This article also appears on the Acclimatise website here. Since 2015, the InsuResilience Investment Fund (IIF) has worked to build the climate resilience of poor and climate-vulnerable households as well as micro, small and medium enterprises, by increasing climate insurance [...]

How Cities Can Access Financing for the Green Recovery

December 9th, 2020|Cities, Greening Finance|

With prudent financial management, long-range strategic planning, and savvy alliance-building locally and in the corridors of government, cities can better tap into public and private funds that increasingly are targeting green and sustainable outcomes. To help cities bankroll the green and just COVID-19 recovery, a new report serves as a [...]

Why Cities Need the COVID-19 Stimulus to be Green – and How It’s Not Green Enough

December 9th, 2020|Cities, Greening Finance|

The fiscal response to COVID-19 is estimated globally at US$12 to US$15 trillion committed, but cities may have trouble accessing it, and only 3%-5% of announced funding is identifiably ‘green’. As the global COVID-19 pandemic approaches the one-year mark and much of the world girds for a worsening wave of [...]