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Green Investments

Green Investments

Tackling climate change and transitioning to a clean, resilient economy requires extraordinary mobilization of finance from both the public and private sectors. Climate Finance Advisors understand the tools, approaches and financing solutions that have the most impact and optimize private and public financing for climate-smart investments.

Project Structuring and Product Design

Climate Finance Advisors has extensive experience structuring project finance, corporate finance, equity, and guarantee transactions with private sponsors and financiers. Our team are also pioneers in blending public finance sources with private finance to enable climate-smart investments. We work with project developers on specific investments, as well as with countries and other partners on structuring products and projects that facilitate investments under Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

Climate Funds

Climate Finance Advisors has broad experience establishing, structuring and managing funds, including major international and multilateral climate funds, such as the Global Environment Facility, the Climate Investment Funds and the Green Climate Fund. We have also worked closely with donor governments to structure bi-lateral sources of funds that catalyze private investment, including through the use of co-financing and the judicious use of concessional finance.

Green Institutions

Climate Finance Advisors has experience in the creation of green funds and green banks that support the scaling-up clean energy, energy efficiency and climate-smart investment at the national, regional and local levels. We collaborate with government entities and other stakeholders on policy work that supports green fund and green bank strategies, enabling countries to leverage their domestic and international financial sectors to access sources of climate finance, and other financial instruments and services.