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Climate-Smart Financial Policy

Climate-Smart Financial Policy

Increasingly, policy makers and financial institutions around the world are recognizing the need for greater alignment of financial systems with climate resilience and sustainability, and they understand the necessity of policy frameworks, incentives and financing mechanisms to evolve to support and encourage climate-smart investments.

Greening Financial Systems

Climate Finance Advisors is active in the area of financial policy and issues related to transitioning and “greening” financial sectors. We advise on the development and implementation of policies, regulations and other positive incentives to catalyze private capital in climate-smart investment, as well as those incentives which may disincentivize such investment. These efforts include specialized investment institutions, green banks, green funds and “greening” banks, and financial policies to support transparent disclosure of climate risks in investments, and the reduction of fossil fuel subsidies.

Mainstreaming Climate Action

Climate Finance Advisors works with policy makers and financial institutions to understand how to mainstream climate considerations throughout financial institutions’ operations, including across strategies, planning, and programs. This includes not only seeking new strategies for increasing financing for climate investments but also importantly helping to understand how climate risks impact overall operations.

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

Climate Finance Advisors works with countries and partner institutions to develop implementation strategies to achieve their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to reduce carbon emissions. We advise on the design of climate-smart policies and structure climate-smart investments using capital from both public and private sources.