We incorporate climate risk considerations into financial products, services, and operations through the identification, quantification, assessment, and mitigation of climate risks as well as the strategic pursuit of climate resilient business opportunities. Employing advisory services, trainings, and communications products, we work to build and enable organizational capacity to optimize climate risk and resilience solutions.


  • National Development Bank: Created a framework and methodological guide outline for mainstreaming climate risks into the bank’s project cycle and conducted training sessions to integrate climate change risk considerations into their financial decision-making process.
  • Green Finance Institution: Provided technical assistance, analyzing green finance products and loan portfolio’s vulnerability to climate change and developing environmental guidelines and policies in support of Micro-, Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises.
  • Philanthropic Impact Investor and Fund Manager: Conducted qualitative climate risk screening and due diligence, identifying potential climate risk exposure within a given investment portfolio.
  • Financial Institution: Conducted an assessment, benchmarking, and gap analysis between the recommendations by the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and a financial institution’s current processes and reporting practices and TCFD framework. We produced a report outlining a gap analysis for each of the TCFD’s 11 recommendations, examined the current level of compliance alignment with TCFD for the client, with recommendations and a roadmap to and suggested amendments and changes to client’s processes and procedures to award and/or increase alignment.