We develop climate strategies, including portfolio, program, and project design, to maximize climate benefits and synergies with climate-oriented institutions and investors. CFA’s support for climate strategies in financial and grantmaking institutions extends to the organizational, programmatic, and investment risk management domains.


  • Multilateral Development Bank: Developed a climate change policy, including an implementation framework and 5-year climate action plan, with attention to mainstreaming policy in regional hubs and global practices.
  • Multilateral Climate Change Donor Fund: Conducted investor surveys, assessed regional barriers to private investment in climate finance, and developed a strategic roadmap, including operational recommendations and a draft business plan to implement high-impact private sector engagement.
  • Confidential Client: Conducted a comparative analysis and opportunity assessment between TCFD recommendations and the client’s current process and reporting practices, analyzing for relevance and consistency with the client’s institutional profile, mandate, and governance status.