Reflections by Alan Miller: Election Implications for Climate Change Policy

Watching the election results from a hotel in Marrakech, the site of the latest climate negotiations, was a sobering experience.  To realize that the future of the planet may now be so influenced by a person who has called climate change a “hoax” promoted by China to undermine our economy.  Like many of my friends, [...]

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Infrastructure Is Local – Financing Resilience Must Be, Too

By Andrea Colnes and Stacy Swann When the costs are tallied, Hurricane Matthew will become the thirteenth extreme weather event of 2016 in the United States to cost more than $1 billion in damages, including four flooding events and nine severe storm events.  The damages here and abroad from Matthew will affect entire communities – [...]

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Climate Risk: The Ultimate Threat Multiplier for Sustainable Development

By Alan Miller & Stacy Swann Odds are, wherever you live, your climate is changing.  It may be hotter and drier, with more drought and wildfires, or you may be experiencing more severe storms and extreme rainfall.  You may notice it, or you may not, but the folks at NASA are keeping track, and August [...]

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Blending Finance for (Climate) Resilience

Let’s review a few of the more striking facts about our climate to emerge in the last week: In 2015, the planet was the warmest ever recorded. By a long shot. Global sea levels are at their highest since satellites began recording those levels in 1993, up an alarming 2.75 inches. While many parts of [...]

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When New Highs and New Lows Are No Good

Chris Mooney published yet another article on climate change in the Washington Post last week, this time about the dramatically low level of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean.  The same day, Angela Fritz had an article on how atmospheric carbon dioxide had reached a “huge record high.”  As Mooney reported, Arctic sea ice covered [...]

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Time to Pick Up the Pace: Climate Change, Risk, Resilience

The world is warming. About that there is no doubt. 2015 was a hot year – the hottest on record. The first two months of 2016 continued to shatter temperature records. In February, we crossed the 1.5°C threshold, meaning average global temperatures that month passed what many governments say should be the limit, that of [...]

Green Banks, Greening Banks and the Sustainable Financial System

By Andrea Colnes and Stacy Swann - Coalition for Green Capital & Climate Finance Advisors   We are in the second week of the UN Climate Summit in Paris, and while we wait for the negotiators to finish their hard work, private sector and finance continue to show they are ready and prepared to increase [...]

Building Climate Resilience into Investment Choices: Time for a “Koh”?

The Paris Climate Conference is underway, and the announcements, pledges and statements of leadership are starting to roll in, and some of them are fairly impressive. In the opening day alone, Bill Gates and a powerful list of fellow billionaires announced the creation of the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, aimed at accelerating the pace and scale [...]

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On the Road to “Greening” Finance

There is a transformation afoot. Perhaps it is due to the momentum building around the upcoming Paris climate negotiations, or to the extreme weather felt in many parts of the world. Or perhaps it is a function of new actors stepping into the climate change debate, such as insurers and ratings agencies, who are beginning [...]

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Climate Risk and Market Signals: Why Paris Matters

While the East Coast of the US avoided a direct hit this weekend by Hurricane Joachim, it was still a not-so-welcome reminder that we may not be as ready as we should be for as severe weather events that will likely become the norm (and not the exception) thanks to a changing climate. My work [...]

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