Green Banks, Greening Banks and the Sustainable Financial System

By Andrea Colnes and Stacy Swann - Coalition for Green Capital & Climate Finance Advisors   We are in the second week of the UN Climate Summit in Paris, and while we wait for the negotiators to finish their hard work, private sector and finance continue to show they are ready and prepared to increase their efforts and do their part to address climate change. Just this weekend, major businesses stepped up their pledges to do more to address climate change, including Unilever, L’Oreal, Virgin Atlantic and Harley Davidson, among others. All very good news. Yesterday, two new climate finance [...]

Building Climate Resilience into Investment Choices: Time for a “Koh”?

The Paris Climate Conference is underway, and the announcements, pledges and statements of leadership are starting to roll in, and some of them are fairly impressive. In the opening day alone, Bill Gates and a powerful list of fellow billionaires announced the creation of the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, aimed at accelerating the pace and scale of affordable, clean energy solutions. This is significant in part because it is a commitment by private investors to finance projects just past the R&D stage and bring them to commercial viability, helping them avoid the “valley of death” that exists between basic research and [...]

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